Farmhouse style sign with wood frame. Do no harm, but take no shit. Badass wall decor.

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Farmhouse style sign with wooden frame stained walnut. White with black lettering. Each sign measures 24 inches tall by 12 inches wide. Sold as a set. This set was designed for the edgy, millennial ( excuse my derogatory language) who love the farmhouse style but don’t need to fill their walls with sappy quotes about family and love. Words to live by if you ask me. And quite literally created for my darling sister, muah. My girl power is radiating just writing this description. All signs are hand painted and assembled in our shop, because of this you can except minor differences between every sign that leaves our woodshop. For example; wood takes stain differently depending on factors like humidity and age, and lines and knots in the wood frame will be unique to each sign. If you have a preference to any of these factors please contact our shop! Take no shit!